Q & A

Answers to a few simple questions about what we do and how we work.

Good Questions. Sensational Answers.

Why do I need a sign? Did you know that signage is the least expensive but most effective form of advertising? Signage can be responsible for 50 percent of your customers!

Can you Build…?  Absolutely, Sensational Signs is a custom signs manufacturer. We are not limited to signage, though it is our core business. In the past we have designed and built all types …

UL Listed? We are UL listed which means we will handle all the electrical work and your sign will be built within code and will operate safely.

Can you ship it?  Absolutely, we regularly ship small signage such as banners, ADA and interior signage.

Can you recommend…?  Sure, we know your business needs many services beyond what we offer, which is why we would be glad to recommend a few companies we know and trust.

Can you design my sign?  Yes, Wendi is our full-time designer. She can help create anything from a single interior or exterior sign to an complete sign package.

Can you rehab my sign?  If a good paint job is all you need then we can make it look great. If structural, we would be glad to look and offer options.

Can you provide a signage spec?  Yes we can. Sensational Signs can provide you with a generic signage specification or a custom specification based upon your needs.

Do you install?  Yes, we will install our own custom signs. If you are looking for local installation we would be glad to place a bid.

Why use LEDs?   We recommend LEDs because the cost is now competitive with neon yet they are more durable and less expensive to operate. In they end, LEDs save our clients money.