Sign Company Services in Charlotte, NC
At Sensational, we offer Charlotte businesses a wide range of custom signage and printing services for any project. Contact us, and our representative will help you pick the right sign services for your business!

From custom neon signs to ADA signs and more, we provide all the signage you need for your business
or establishment. Give us a call today to get started with whatever kind of sign you’re looking for.
Our professional team can help design you a custom sign to fit your needs.



We craft signage programs around your needs.  Our specialty is taking your signage package and managing it through completion.

Main ID

Looking for a large sign to signify your existence and where you are located?  We have the facility and capability to create large exterior signs for your location.


We provide ADA compliant signage for small office suites as well as large airport terminals. If you are flying in or out of Charlotte you have seen our work.

Large Format

Just tell us what size you want it and what you want it printed on.  If it comes in a roll, we can print it.


This might not be the most exciting category, but it needs to be done and done right.  Our attention to detail makes us the right choice for your business signage.